Hi All,

I'm going to take a break from performances in 2019 in an effort to heal an arm injury that playing seems to aggravate. I do not think I'll need surgery at this point just a rest the fingers and forearms from long performances.

Please do not hesitate to contact me as I have to get back on the "horse" every so often to keep it all working and stay in shape.

If you have a smaller short performance need let me know and lets talk.

Best Regards, P



Thank you for contacting me and for your interest in Spanish Guitar.

As a musician of many years and having played many styles, I've discovered that people from all walks of life, with vast musical tastes, respond positively to this style of music.

Several years ago I released a full length CD called 'Siempre' which means 'always' or 'forever' in Spanish. The title came from the fact that this music appears to be timeless. A piece written 300 years ago is still as well received and enjoyed today as the work of contemporary composers.

Since that release some unexpected things have happened: many people have told me that they listen to the CD when driving, and it calms them and helps them from feeling stressed. I've also observed that when I perform this music in public, strangers chat more easily with each other, allowing them to become friends quickly. The music relaxes people and allow them to truly enjoy themselves.

This style of guitar music seems to have a balancing effect on our souls. There is something pure and spiritual about it. I have played a wide range of events, from non-profit fund raisers, art museum openings, private symphony home concerts, University events, and of course weddings, and regardless of the celebration, I consistently hear, “Your music made our event!”.

After 10 years of learning and performing Spanish guitar music in America, I finally make the trek to southern Spain where the music originated. As I sit in sidewalk cafes and observe the history and the diversity of the people of Spain, began to better understand the origins and magic of the music.

I no longer attempt to explain it because it just “is”. On some level I now understand that when I play this music, it provides a source of balanced energy that transcends the simple generation of sound waves by reaching straight into peoples hearts. I've found my place.

October 2010 – Sevilla

Caio, Piatro

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